In the vineyards

The domain is made up of 7 hectares of vineyards located in 5 villages (from Dambach-la-Ville to Andlau) in 10-kilometer wide perimeter. Thanks to this diversity, we have several soils at our disposal and we are able to adapt the soil to each grape variety according to the expected result.

Wind growing is decided according to several criteria. We do not seek aesthetics but a final result. Thus it is important to think every action according to the weather, the growth stage of the vineyards and their future needs.

We aim at respecting nature and get the best symbiosis possible between the earth, the sky, the plant and the winemaker.

Reinforcing natural balance and vineyards resistance is our priority. This is why we use as many biological products as we can at homeopathic dosis, as well as natural ground cover and specific soil work.

Our work aims at creating authentic wines, expressing through the original grape variety all the beauty of our region and our grower’s sensibility.